Monday, 25 November 2013

Read our report on Social Media presence of Heineken, Guinness and Peroni

Our mission

Dear all,

We are a young and dynamic group involved in a social media marketing project focused on the evaluation of beer brands and their presence in the digital environment.
Our choice was oriented to this specific market because it seems to be highly related to young people and thus to social media users.
The goal of our research is to understand how these brands exploit digital marketing to create a closer relationship with customers, promote and innovate their image and communicate value.
We decided to base our analysis on three brands, that according to the data, have a growing social community and an important presence in the digital market: Heineken, Guinness and Peroni.

The next step of the project is to build a valuable discussion around this topic, engaging students, experts and anyone interested in what is challenging marketing in this new digital era.

We count on you to contribute to our study reading the report and commenting it, giving suggestions, opinions and critics. You have time until December, 11th 2013.

Thank you!